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MDR Research Reports

Get the timely, relevant information you need to develop winning sales and marketing plans.

Our research reports and annual publications track trends and changes in the school and college markets. We report on specific technology usage, expenditure, enrollment shifts, and much more.

Research Reports

School Libraries in the Digital Age: The Changing Role of Media Specialists in the Era of Technology and the Common Core

School Libraries in the Digital Age profiles the current role of K-12 school librarians/media specialists and examines the many changes generated by new technologies and the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. The report highlights findings from 1,200 school librarians from across the U.S. who responded to a survey conducted in December 2013. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Library budgets
  • The role a librarian has in purchasing specific technologies
  • How librarians support implementation of CCSS
  • The involvement of librarians in the professional development of teachers

In addition to this actionable data, the author shares insight gathered through interviews with librarians regarding challenges and areas for improvement. Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to have a look inside the walls of school libraries that have become true centers of technology and collaborative student learning.

This 35-page report is published by the EdNET Insight service of Market Data Retrieval (MDR). EdNET Insight is the K-12 education industry’s premier information and consulting service, combining the proven power of research and analysis with recognized industry experts to deliver an insightful, comprehensive view of the trends and influences that are shaping the education market.

School Libraries in the Digital Age School Libraries in the Digital Age
Printed page length: 35 pages
Number of tables and figures: 16

PDF format only.
Price: $149. Multiuser license only for distribution within the purchasing organization.

State of the K-12 Market 2013

The State of the K-12 Market 2013 report, a market analysis available to members of the EdNET Insight research service, is an annual market scan with unprecedented insight into what is happening in schools today. While a torrent of change continues to impact the K-12 marketplace, curriculum directors are making adapting to the Common Core, transitioning to digital materials, and reaping the opportunities in online learning their highest priorities for 2013. On the technology side, after years of smaller and tighter budgets, the financial outlook is more positive. Districts are increasingly moving to 1:1 implementations, introducing BYOD programs, and expanding bandwidth to support those initiatives. This fourth edition of the report quantifies the pace of change and the urgency schools are placing on specific priorities.

Highlights in this year’s State of the K-12 Market report include trends in tablet use and the drive to connected, personalized instruction.

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State of the K-12 Market Part I State of the K-12 Market 2013
PDF format only.
Price: $7,500. Report Level subscription includes two licenses for this report as well as other subscription services. Click here to view subscription benefits.

Digital Marketing Trends in the Education Market 2013:
A Comprehensive Analysis of the 2011-2012 School Year

Education companies are using more digital marketing channels and less direct mail and other print media. While email campaigns are the most popular marketing activity, education companies are engaged in social media marketing, Internet advertising, search engine marketing, and a variety of related digital marketing efforts. MDR recognized this shift a year ago when it revamped its earlier annual report series, which documented five years of email marketing trends, to produce its first report on Digital Marketing Trends in the Education Market. This 2013 report represents the second in this new series, providing detailed information about K-20 educators’ use of online digital resources together with data about email, web advertising, and other activities conducted by education marketers.

This report includes chapters that explore teacher, administrator, and college faculty attitudes, habits, and use of digital marketing regarding:

  • Educators’ and students’ use of digital content in the classroom
  • What devices educators and students use to access content and email
  • Social networking uses by educators
  • Educators’ use of email
    • Average open/click rates
    • Time of day/day of the week
    • Frequency of emails sent and their effect on response rates

Digital Marketing Trends in the Education Market 2013 is a must-have tool for every education marketer, providing lessons learned, suggestions about future trends, and actionable recommendations to help execute highly successful email marketing.

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Digital Marketing Trends in the Education Market 2013
PDF format only.
Price: $499 Multiuser license only for distribution within the purchasing organization.

Free Reports

MDR and CoSN’s E-rate and Broadband Survey 2013

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), in partnership with MDR, released the final results of its E-rate and broadband survey on the challenges K-12 schools nationwide face with growing demand of digital learning environments. This first-ever CoSN E-rate survey offers insight into access and connectivity challenges educators face as the growing demand for bandwidth intensifies with mobile learning, online assessments, and digital content.

Click here to download the report of survey findings.

Federally Funded Education Programs 2013

This informative guide highlights those programs MDR feels are of the greatest interest to K-12 education marketers. It is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of all education programs.

Click here to view the guide or download a FREE pdf copy.

MDR’s Enrollment Comparison, 2013-2014

MDR’s Enrollment Comparison Tables present the year-to-year enrollment changes—nationally, by state, and by county—in the U.S. public K-12 student population for the 2013-2014 school year. We’ve contacted all 14,000+ K-12 public school districts to obtain statistics for every U.S. state to provide one-year comparisons by state and by county.

To download your FREE copy of MDR’s Enrollment Comparison Tables, click here.

Plus...check out our U.S. Public School Enrollment infographic for even more enrollment details »

MDR’s School Spending Report

This report summarizes national findings from MDR’s annual school spending update and covers the expenditures that are key indicators of a district’s spending status.

Includes the Public School Expenditure chart with information for the latest year tracked.

Click here for your FREE copy.

Public School Buying Power Map

Counties, districts, and schools have money to spend, but the amount of funding allocated varies based on enrollment, demographics, types of institutions, and many other factors.

Our latest wall map provides an easy way to locate those U.S. counties where buying potential is the greatest. Each county is clearly identified and color-coded to show its instructional buying power.

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States and Counties

When you need to see the county borders in each state, this handy pdf shows each state and their counties.

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Research Reports

School Libraries in the Digital Age

State of the K-12 Market

Digital Marketing Trends in the Education Market 2013

Free Reports

MDR and CoSN’s
E-rate and Broadband Survey 2013

Federally Funded Education Programs

MDR’s Enrollment Comparison

MDR’s School Spending Report

Public School Buying Power Map

States and Counties