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June 21, 2013

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Exclusive new name selects provide breakthrough insight to educator behaviors and preferences

Expanded name attributes give marketers new ways to create relevancy

June 21, 2013 – Today MDR released an enhanced suite of name-level attributes that provide education marketers with powerful insight into educators’ social media behaviors, marketing channel preferences, advertising receptivity, and ethnicity. Using these selections, marketers can develop highly personalized campaigns and deliver them with insight to their prospects’ channel of choice. This exclusive offering gives marketers a new option for reaching educators beyond “firmographic” or institutionally-based targeting and provides a more complete picture of individual educators.

“Being able to predict who is likely to open an email, make an online purchase, or be influenced by social media in buying decisions is a real breakthrough for marketers,” says Chris Ziemnicki, MDR’s Vice President of Product Development. “As the education market gets more competitive, MDR is continuing to innovate to help our customers stay ahead of the curve and market more effectively, and these new name selects can give marketers a strategic advantage.”

The new selects, which include social media behaviors, direct marketing (DM) preference, advertising receptivity, and ethnic group, are available on more than 3.8 million of the names on MDR’s world-class educator database:

  • Social media behavior selects enable customers to target prospects according to (1) site-specific usage on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube; (2) activity-specific behaviors, such as Text Poster, Post Responder, Video Poster, Photo Poster, and Mobile Social Networker; and (3) social impact, such as social influencer or socially influenced.
  • Marketers can use the DM preferences to determine the most preferred channels—email, telemarketing, direct mail, or their combinations—for their campaigns.
  • Advertising receptivity selections point customers to the most likely media that educators prefer to receive ads, whether it’s via the web, TV, radio, newspapers, or magazines.
  • MDR clients with consumer-type products may want to create custom campaigns based on ethnicity, which is categorized by 33 ethnic groups that span their prospect universe.

MDR’s new name selects help marketers understand their target audience so their marketing relevance can be optimized. “Knowing an educator as an individual opens up countless possibilities to tailor your messaging,” says Maureen Hance, MDR Product Manager. “When you combine an educator’s institution and professional profile with new name-level selects, you gain exponential increases in relevance and connectivity.” MDR’s name-level selections combine with the traditional educator profile details to deliver a well-rounded picture of the educator:

  • Contact Information – School or home address, email address, and home phone number
  • Demographics – Characteristics, such as age, ethnicity, marital status, and children in the household, and interests, such as travel, investing, and charitable contributions
  • Financial – Financial information, such as household income, home ownership, and LifestyleNE Indicator to gauge buying potential
  • Buying Behaviors – MDR’s buyer selects
  • Social Media Behaviors – A “social portrait” of prospects by their level of engagement with several social channels
  • Marketing and Advertising Channels – The direct marketing and advertising preferences of your prospects

While MDR has offered Educators at Home data for years, teachers’ use of the Internet offers powerful new insights into how teachers are spending their personal time—and dollars—online. Now marketers can tailor the use of channels and messaging to those people most likely to respond in each, wherever they work or live.

Following is a sample profile for an educator that incorporates these new MDR attributes:

  • Married, 45-year-old, Hispanic, female, three children. Owns her home at 123 Apple Street, Milford, CT. Household income range of $75,000 to $99,000.
  • Master’s degree, with 18 years’ teaching experience in the math department at Joseph A. Foran High School in Milford, Connecticut. This is a Grades 9-12 high school with student enrollment of over 1,000.
  • Makes purchases online and is likely to be receptive to web advertising. She prefers to receive solicitations via email. A heavy Facebook user, Jane is likely to use a mobile device for social networking and to respond to text posts on social networking sites. She is strongly influenced by “likes” on social media sites.

MDR’s name-level data can be used to develop “personas”—or collections of data around individuals—as a strategic means to crafting custom, relevant, and highly personalized marketing programs. These personas may be developed according to criteria—social media usage, direct marketing preferences, income ranges, or years of experience. When customers and prospects are segmented by their persona, marketers can determine the most appropriate marketing tactic and messaging tailored to the individual.

For more information on name-level selects and how they can be a valuable part of a highly personalized marketing strategy, contact an MDR Representative at 800-333-8802.